Clan History

Clan Questionnaire Answers

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Mythic Time

* Favored Old God:

Harna Ilor, Goddess of Harmony

* Asrelia’s Treasure:

Full Dish and Spoon

* [First Ceremony:]

[The Sacrifice Dance]

* Helped Primal Storm

Defy Bright Emperor

* Joined Orlanth

Wooed Ernalda, Created Marriage Ring

* Earliest Famous Event

One Tree Exchange, acquired the communication/exchange rune

* Marriage of Ernalda and Orlanth

Guarded the wedding circle

Gods War

* Joined By

Deadly Archers, did not make them thralls or cottars

* Ancient Enemy

Stone Tribe (Dwarves)

* Nearly Exterminated By

Journey Across the Plains of Salt

* Chaos Foe


* Survived the Great Darkness By

“Wind Hide Me” Prayer to Brastalos, the eye of the storm

1st Age

* Unity Council Ally

Nomads of the Wastes

* Ancient Tribe

Korolites, sons of the Summer Sun (home near Kero Fin, dislike the Grazers who stole it)

* First God Awakened

Yinkin, god of Alynxes

* Resisted Lokamayadon

Pretended to go along, but only to observe his transgressions and record them
We always have and always will fight false priests — our way

* When Arkat Came

Raised as many soldiers as we could spare

* When Arkat Betrayed Us

We still esteemed him a hero

2nd Age

* Empire of the Wyrms Friends

Went along with people of our homeland, but did so to keep an eye on them

* Lesson from the Dragonkill

No bad knowledge, only stupid actions
“There IS bad knowledge: let the foolishly wise feel the consequences of their foolishness. Let destiny and time punish them.”

3rd Age

* Returned to Dragon Pass because

We were poor and wanted wealth
We returned to Dragon Pass because: we needed to awake the Silver King who would save the world

* New Tribe

Dinacoli, the rich ones
- supported the High King to fulfill the prophecy of the saviour, so we joined them

* King Sartar

we remember for his sacred self-immolation in the lightning bolt that ignited the fire of his temple
we remember his sacred self-immolation in the lightning bolt that sanctified the temple at Boldhome. His fleshly sacrifice opened the door to the Silver King.

* Lunar Missionaries

Drove them off
our sacred aura drove them off.


* Followed Dorasor’s call

Followed Dorasor’s call immediately
Followed Orlanth’s sacred command to strike out to the East

* When did we head East?

Among the first to travel with him
Orlanth gave a secret prophecy to Dorasar, that his line would be the new high kings, so we followed him

* New Friends in Pavis

The puritanical Sun Dome Templars
Orlanth showed mercy to the Sun Domers, so long as they know their place

* New Foes in Pavis

the devious Morokanth, whom we out tricked

* The Lunar Invasion

joined with the nomads and met them head on at the Battle of Moonbroth
we joined in with the nomads at Moonbroth, where we fought gloriously and our sacred dead promised us our inevitable victory

* What We Are Doing Now

•Biding our time, waiting for our chance to start the revolution
Dorasar told us that we would stop here a moment, before spreading our wings over the whole world

Clan History

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